“Redesigning your home should be simple and inspiring. It should be a process of discovering your inner style and bringing it to life in your home.”

TREE is the combination of my love for home and my passion for sustainable and timeless home furniture and decor.

Since the beginning, I've made it my mission to share these loves with others and help them create a beautiful home that feels like theirs. I’ve curated TREE’s collections and finishing touches to provide a wide range of styles and options so you can add a little eco-chic luxury to your life, whether you’re a busy parent, an inspired student, a business tycoon, or an empty-nester.

TREE is a destination for you to discover your inner style and bring it to life in your home. It’s a portal to connect with who you are and how you want to live every day. We promise you will find something that connects with you and tells a part of your own story.

In 2005, I decided to take a leap, leave my successful 24/7 career as an attorney in Hong Kong, and pursue my lifelong dream – that’s the short and sweet version of how the seed of TREE was planted.

I was blessed to travel the world with my pilot husband, flying alongside him in the cockpit and following his adventures around the globe. Through our travels I met skilled artisans and craftsmen who were making solid furniture in stunning designs with their own hands. I knew that people needed pieces like these in their homes–pieces that told their own sustainable story, were made by hand with love, and offered timeless beauty and design to last a lifetime–and so my passion grew into TREE.

As TREE blossomed and branched out into three stores in Hong Kong, my family and I chose to make our home on our rustic Australian farm, to nurture young toddlers and experience the true meaning of sustainability and the age-old saying, ‘home is where the heart is’.

I understand more than ever that homes shouldn’t be perfect or pristine – they should reflect the lives of the people inside them. I knew I wanted to help people create a home they truly loved to live in, that felt like theirs...

"Since opening TREE in the Pacific Northwest, I’ve made it my mission to help people create the home of their dreams. I’ve used my knowledge and expertise to find the best furniture and décor options for every home, lifestyle, and budget so it’s simple to find designs that suit your style.

I make sure that every TREE piece is timeless and made with love by sources we trust, and that your pieces are delivered with care into your home by our celebrated TREE delivery team. Most importantly, I and my team of experienced interior designers understand your needs and walk with you on every step you take toward your dream home. I want you to live in a home you love. After all, home is where the heart is."

From my to your home,