Sun-Soaked Simplicity

Sun-Soaked Simplicity

New! Outdoor Furniture Collection at TREE

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are spoiled by the beauty of nature. We embrace the outdoors daily by breathing in clean air, spotting a new Mt Rainier view, and by taking evening walks through green trails and even waterfronts. This season, create a unique outdoor space of your own styled with sun-soaked simplicity. Whether it's your front patio, backyard, or even your apartment balcony, transform it into your perfect outdoor oasis. TREE is excited to feature new and unique outdoor furniture pieces uniquely inspired by the beautiful Pacific Northwest – designed to not only last your family through the season but through generations to come.

Ethnicraft Outdoor Collection

Ethnicraft's newly launched teak outdoor collection is designed to adapt well to a range of environmental conditions, whether that be on an urban terrace or beachfront patio; warm and tropical or cool and mountainous. The beauty of teak is that, even when left in its natural state, outdoors and in any season, it is basically maintenance-free.

We love how all of Ethnicraft's designs are intentionally timeless. They withstand trends and associate well with different styles, and they can be passed on from one home to the next, carrying over the stories of one life into another.

Bok Outdoor Dining Chair

A signature Ethnicraft design, Alain van Havre’s iconic Bok dining chair now makes its way into the open air! Bring structural elegance and contemporary craftsmanship to your outdoor lifestyle.

Teak Jack Outdoor Sofa

Beautiful from every angle, luxuriant shapes and curves form the basis of the Jack sofa collection. Featuring upholstery woven in Belgium, every detail has been meticulously crafted to ensure comfort and elegance when enjoying the outdoors.


Just like its matching chair, the Bok dining table is another signature design. Its airy shape yet rock solid construction make this piece a timeless and remarkable design to enjoy for all the years to come.

Along with the new Ethnicraft collection, our design team has carefully curated various outdoor pieces that work beautifully across style and function. Here are some of our favorites!

February 25, 2021 — Cristiana Ventura

Strength and Detail in the Mikado Dining Table

The Mikado dining table, designed by Alain van Havre in Belgium, has been one of Ethnicraft's most recognizable designs for years. Its sculptural character is the result of a quest to find a balance between functionality and stability. Mikado's legs interlock like a well-thought-out puzzle. We love the simplicity of the design – easy to dress up or down but timeless across styles and eras.

It's true; the signature legs make this piece effortlessly distinctive. We adore the design in all shapes and sizes, including the oval and the round. Still, we swoon over the original mikado dining table – though its design imitates a rectangle, it has subtle curves to its long lines, reflecting the fluid inspiration within the hull of a boat. The thoughtful small details like this are what keep Ethnicraft a long time favorite of TREE.

"The Mikado can so effortlessly serve as the strong bones of a home's interior. The table design gracefully reflects the beauty and strength found in nature, which allows it to fit into any style."
- Nicole Wakley, TREE founder and lead design stylist


Like your favorite pair of jeans, the Mikado dining table is a staple, no matter your theme or style. The designs here are a select few of personalized mood boards that our home style team created for a client. They show the simplicity and flow the Mikado brings through styles. From rustic to edgy, or even whimsical, the Mikado is a timeless piece perfect to layer from.

February 04, 2021 — Cristiana Ventura
Local Maker: Candice Rex

Local Maker: Candice Rex

Meet Candice Rex.

Washington state based abstract artist, Candice Rex, has developed her skills in Abstract Expressionism, contemporary and modern art for over twenty years. Her work is inspired by her passion for healing, growth, connection, and empathy.  

Creating art has always been a significant influence on her life. As a child and young adult, art served her in leisure to communicate and release. While these original purposes have endured, art's meaning has elevated to that of absolute necessity in her adult life. Art has provided a spiritual compass, emotional catharsis, satiated the intangible and helped smooth life's rough edges. Every piece of art she has created has also enabled her to develop herself. She invites you to join through her art as she continues her emotional, visual, and tactile exploration.

She uses her artwork to spread awareness of Dystonia, a rare neuromuscular disease that has affected her personally for the last ten years. Dystonia is a movement disorder in which a person's muscles contract uncontrollably. The contraction causes the affected body part to twist involuntarily, resulting in repetitive movements or abnormal postures. Dystonia can affect one muscle, a muscle group, or the entire body. There is currently no cure for Dystonia. Candice shows her support and graciously donates a portion of each art sale to Dystonia Research. For more information, please visit

Read below for a Q& A with Candice Rex.

Abstract artist, Candice Rex and her mixed media piece, Rosé.

TREE: When did you begin your craft?

Candice: I have been practicing and study art since I was a child. My maternal grandmother is a portrait painter and has taught art professionally and I was always inspired by her and felt driven to create.

In my early teens, I realized art was a driving force. I began drawing and sketching and studying art history, physiology, fashion, design, etc.

As a mature teenager, I began exploring with paint; this was where I found my greatest life's passion. Since the age of 18, I have been painting and producing steadily. The process and art have changed and evolved over time, the creative drive and artistic goals and concepts steadily increasing.


TREE: Was there a pivotal moment when you saw you could do this for a living?

Candice: As a young girl, I believe my artistic journey began as a student of art, learning steps and processes through teachers, art books, studying drawings, and other art forms. It wasn't until I was a teenager that I began truly creating my own work, and was highly devoted to dance, drawing, music, and creative writing. At 18, I began painting in my home studio; after painting my very first piece, I began receiving positive feedback from friends who encouraged me. I soon began receiving independent commissions. I started working on my first collection in 1998 and had a successful show at a local Art Gallery at the age of 20, in 2000. This was where I learned, if I put in the work and challenged myself, I could truly do this for a living.

Over the years, I have pursued other career goals but always painted or sculpted. Art is my constant. Regardless of the changes and challenges I've faced in my life, creating new art has always grounded me, helped me focus, offered me a cathartic emotive outlet. I am currently focusing on abstract expressionist painting and sculpture while working towards a degree in art therapy.

TREE: How would you describe how you discovered TREE and how our lovely partnership came to fruition?

Candice: My dear friend, fellow artist, and interior design enthusiast, Ray Audrey, told me about Tacoma's flagship TREE location. She said I would love it and had only amazing things to say, she encouraged me to visit the showroom.

Synergies seemed to align as that very same week, Nicole, visionary, and founder of TREE reached out to me regarding the painting Rain via Instagram. We made an appointment for me to come in, see the space and show some of my work. I visited that same week and was so inspired by the incredible design, space, and mission. We have enjoyed working together ever since. I'm currently working on several TREE exclusive pieces inspired by the current design collection.



Several pieces by Candice can be found across our gallery floor. Visit us today and experience the beauty and depth that Candice brings to our space.

January 19, 2021 — Cristiana Ventura
Gus* Current Event Sale

Gus* Current Event Sale

Gus* Current Event is now underway! From January 7–24 save 15% off on all Gus* Modern furniture and accents online and in-store. With every purchase, Gus* will donate to the Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organization whose mission is to rid the oceans of plastic.

Gus* Modern is one of our fabulous brands specializing in mid century modern design. Join us in store to experience a handful of timeless pieces or shop online to view the entire Gus* collection.

Our Gus* Favorites

January 07, 2021 — Cristiana Ventura
The Mindfully Made Wangari Sofa

The Mindfully Made Wangari Sofa

At TREE, we are committed to sourcing eco-friendly pieces that bring warmth, joy, and a guilt-free conscience to your home. We are proud to offer sophisticated, sustainable, and reclaimed materials that are either FSC™-certified, or sustainably sourced to ensure that our signature collections meet the highest eco-craftsmanship standards.

We are excited to add the Wangari Sofa to our beautiful, sustainable collection here at TREE. We named this timelessly modern sofa 'Wangari' in honor of Wangari Maatai. Wangari was an environmentalism activist, politician, the founder of the Green Belt Movement, and the first African American Nobel Prize Winner.

Historically, the textile industry has been a common contributor to water waste and freshwater pollution. Now, production is shifting to better match growing consumer consciousness and we're eager to play a part in that progress. We love the sustainable values that have gone into the creation of the Wangari. Read more below.

"When we plants trees, we plants the seeds of peace and hope."
- Wangari Maathai

As for the sofa’s eco-chic craftsmanship, water bottles diverted from landfills are creatively repurposed to produce recycled yarn, then woven into its luxurious fabrics.

Wangari's Sustainable Process:

  • Constructed with FSC-certified woods
  • Post-consumer bottles are collected, washed, chopped, melted into chips, then made into yarns
  • The back, seat, and arms are constructed with PET bottle fibers
  • Produced in a North America-based factory that generates more energy via solar power than the factory utilizes
The average number of water bottles diverted with Wangari Sofa styles

We welcome you to experience this sophisticated, eco-chic sofa in our Heritage Gallery today. The billowy cushioning and exaggerated proportions bring fresh European vibes to everyday lounging, with overfilled arms for structure and softness alike. We are excited to add an exceptional piece like this to our TREE collection of eco-chic furniture from the heart.


*each style available in a variety of colors and fabrics*

November 05, 2020 — Cristiana Ventura
Gather With Gratitude

Gather With Gratitude

During this time of year, one of our favorite traditions is gathering around the dining table with our loved ones and expressing all of the things that bring us joy and gratitude. There is something truly enchanting about this beloved tradition. It helps us reflect on our perspectives while connecting on deeper levels with one another.

Where will you be gathering with gratitude this year? On the sofa, while cuddled up with hot tea and a fluffy throw? Or are you seated at the dining table with your family for a delicious seasonal meal? Perhaps you are content on a gorgeous velvet accent chair, documenting your thankfulness in a diary. No matter where you choose to spend your time, we hope you decide to gather with those who bring your joy and express gratitude with honesty and comfort.

There are so many reasons why an extendable dining table makes sense while extending your heart this season! Extend for more delicious meals, more loving friends, more social distancing, more love, and gratitude – you name it!

Here are some of our favorite extendable dining tables on the gallery floor right now that are available to receive before Thanksgiving.

October 28, 2020 — Cristiana Ventura
Warm Up Your Home For Autumn

Warm Up Your Home For Autumn

The temperature is cooling down and the leaves are changing. Though we love summer and the warmth it brings, we adore the changing scenery during this time of year. We have gone through constant changes and shifts over the past few months, but this new transition is one that finally feels familiar and natural. This is an honest time for contemplation as we begin to reflect on the year heading into the end of the 2020. Along with shifts and changes, autumn is also when many people embrace change by restyling their homes with layers and warm tones to imitate the beauty outside. Here are some of our favorite design tips to warm up your space!

Layers on Layers

Whether it is on your floor, your sofa, or in your bedroom, utilize layers to make your space warmer, more restful, and inviting. We love layering various elements in a vignette while focusing on color and lighting. Play with different hues from the same fall-inspired palette–bring in the beautiful natural colors found in the changing trees. We love pairing creamy neutrals with rich oranges, rusty reds, and mustard yellows. You can play with one color and find various shades to use throughout your home, or mix in all of them!

Mixing together lighting elements is key to curating a deep and cozy atmosphere in your home. Using warm-toned light bulbs in light fixtures is a quick fix, but we love taking it a step further by increasing the quantity of smaller table lamps and candles of various sizes to illuminate your home more cozily and romantically.

Texture is Everything

Rich textiles are a lovely way to not only warm up your space but the perfect excuse to make each little corner a special one that you want to snuggle into with a good book and a cup of tea each night. Velvets are always popular for fall and winter, but we love layering various textures together. Not only do we love piling together chunky knit throws during this time of year, but we challenge you to experiment with a variety of upholstery types throughout living rooms and bedrooms. As for your floor, pairing a handwoven jute rug with a vibrant overdyed rug or a vintage vinyl is one of our favorite timeless looks!

Embracing the perfectly imperfect marvel found in natural reclaimed woods is another one of our favorite design styles perfect for fall. The use of rough-hewn natural wood brings to life a one of a kind rustic feel to your home–wooden stump stools or side tables make for a perfect addition in any corner.

Fall Florals

At TREE, we always like to bring height to each room with the use of alluring houseplants of different sizes. Year-round, fresh greenery brightens up a room while bringing literal life to your home sanctuary. For the autumn season, we love a mix of fresh and dried plants and flowers. Dried eucalyptus, wheat sprigs or pampas grass are perfect additions to a ceramic or recycled-glass vase. To keep the look fresh and modern, mix and match glasses and vases while pairing them with a single stem.

While you refresh your space this season, remember that this Autumn 2020 is a beautiful reminder that good things are ahead and change is eager to be embraced. As we enter this new season brimming with gratitude, let’s open our hearts, minds, and homes to the joys and comforts associated with the holidays ahead.

September 30, 2020 — Cristiana Ventura
End of Summer Sale

End of Summer Sale

We want to illustrate the ins-and-outs of our September 3-20, 2020 End of Summer Sale. Not only are there are many fabulous pieces involved, but we are excited to be partnering with a few of our favorite brands to offer you even more luxurious eco-friendly pieces at stellar prices you will love. Some of the items in these collections are even being discounted for the first time ever.

Whether it's new products or simply highlighting our best sellers, we are eager to offer some of our favorite curated pieces as part of our End of Summer Sale. Shop online or in our Heritage Gallery in Tacoma, WA to share the love for these stunning furniture pieces with us!


Ethnicraft creates beautiful furniture and decorative objects that are the foundation for people’s homes that inspire the stories of their lives. Their values of good design from honest sustainable materials are what makes our partnership so strong and unique. Their clean lines with scandinavian style withstand trends and associate well with different styles, carrying over the stories of one lifetime into another.

Now is the time to extend your heart and your home into the new season full of gratitude. Ethnicraft's double extendable tables are the perfect way to get started with Thanksgiving in mind.

Here are some of our favorite Ethnicraft sale picks:

TREE Exclusives

At TREE, our signature collection is carefully curated. We believe in only bringing items that meet the our high standards of eco-craftsmanship.

Here are some of our sale favorites:

September 02, 2020 — Cristiana Ventura

A Home Office To Inspire Creativity & Productivity

With the health and safety of employees being the highest priority for businesses right now, remote working is at an all-time during the COVID-19 pandemic. We always say your home is your sanctuary. But now with remote working on the rise, many are finding that their mindful sanctuary is shifting.

Your home not only provides your family shelter from the elements but it's consistently there to bring you comfort at the end of a long day. We want to help you embrace this time as one of adventure and instead one of fear–starting with the place you spend a significant amount of time, your office.

“Happiness, not in another place but this place …not for another hour, but this hour.” – Walt Whitman

See below for our tips to help you design a workspace that will not only encourage creativity and productivity but also protect your home and your heart from any of the stress and chaos your career may carry.

1. Placement is intentional

Mindfulness teacher and author Eckhart Tolle once said, "Wherever you are, be there totally." This famous quote is both relevant to mindfulness as well as physical space. We fully believe in the method of working in a separate room from the one you sleep in, as the visual queue of your lofty bed automatically registers your mind that it is time to rest and wind down. By having a dedicated space to work, you can clear your mind and start the day with intention. Of course, we know space can be limited so that you can modify with strategic desk positioning. Desk placement is vital to both productivity and creativity within your workspace. If you are someone who thrives in open areas, shift your desk to have the door or the window directly in your view. By moving your desk away from the wall, your space will encourage collaboration and invite new ideas. Another option is to place your workspace near a window if space is limited. Further, desk positioning is also vital when considering your posture. The body isn't meant to be stationary, so a standing adjustable desk is a mindful way to encourage circulation and flow, and connection in your home.

Nicole’s Picks: Gander Desk, Bok Adjustable Desk, Oak Blackbird Desk & the Junction Desk.

2. Find a chair that works for you

If you find yourself easily distracted or if your job requires you to sort through massive amounts of heavy data, a swivel chair may not be the right fit for you. A comfortable stationary desk chair will help you stay put and focused. But if you need to multitask to be productive, a swivel chair will be perfect. By being able to move and turn quickly, you will feel more connected in your space. You can reach for the correct papers and books behind you or even effortlessly turn to help the kids with their homework.

Nicole’s Picks: Radius Chair, Bryden Desk Chair & the Bok Dining Chair

3. Ground your space

Adding an accent rug is an innovative way to integrate texture and color in your office. Find one that balances your desk and chair while breathing warm energy into your room. Bonus: area rugs can help with noise reduction and reduce echoing - perfect for your conference calls!

Nicole’s Picks: Blue One-Off Over-dyed Rug & the Obsidian Rug

4. Bring in the greenery

Live plants not only provide beautiful luscious color into your office. But it is proven that indoor plants improve concentration and reduce stress levels. Some of our favorite low maintenance greens are Pathos and Snake plants. When you need a break, stop and take time to appreciate your houseplants or even your garden. Witness their color, texture, and growth over time and reflect on your professional journey and growth.

5. Use colors from nature

Whether it be with your walls or with a statement painting, we encourage you to use various low-wavelength colors. Low-wavelength colors include greens and blues–the primary hues most commonly found in Mother Nature. These tones promote gentleness and overall positive well-being.

“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

September 01, 2020 — Cristiana Ventura
A Pure Mattress For A Healthy Home

A Pure Mattress For A Healthy Home

Unhealthy chemicals in many standard mattresses and furniture pieces may be bringing harm into your home. At TREE we have a commitment to offer eco-friendly sustainable furniture and decor to our local community. TREE serves as your portal to a new home, and a healthier, more comfortable life. Now with OMI Mattresses, we are able to guarantee the products are not only pure, but certified organic!

"Sleep is the best meditation." - Dalai Lama



TREE is excited to newly offer OMI (Organic Mattresses Inc.) mattresses online as well as displayed on our gallery floor. OMI’s values of purity and transparency not only align with ours, but they also prioritize luxury in the process. We want to help you help you design a beautiful home at reflects your unique style while ensuring you have full trust and confidence in the pieces you choose. Inviting people into your home is an intimate process requiring connection and trust. We believe the furniture pieces you choose to sleep, sit and eat on each day should maintain the same careful consideration before coming in to your home.

In 2013, OMI became the first mattress manufacturer in America to offer a fully certified organic latex mattress (they were the first to certify an innerspring mattress years earlier, in 2008). OMI is the only US-based sleep-products manufacturer committed exclusively to the production of natural and certified organic mattresses and bedding.

Each mattress and sleep product is custom made in their Eco-Factory in North California. They are committed to their pure guarantee, which ensures not only the final product is organic certified, but each piece of material that goes into their high-quality sensitive safe mattresses are also certified with various global organic standards.

As a strictly natural and organic production facility, the space demands regular audits. This transparent manufacturing process is what makes OMI mattresses so special to TREE. By hand crafting each of their items in their highly specified location (which includes an ozone sanitization air filtration system), we are able to confirm and verify these beautiful mattresses will be pure, clean and safe for the entire family through the entire process, all the way from bed to thread.

Harmful VOC Chemicals

According to Sleep Safe in a Toxic World by Walter Bader, memory-foam mattresses emit 61 volatile organic compounds (VOC) chemicals into your bedroom. These VOCs are emitted as gas from solids or liquids and they are a major concern of the EPA and state air quality boards all over the United States. In the case of most mattresses, these VOCs are from fibers, foams, adhesives, fire retardants and more. When Brader sent several memory foam mattresses for testing, some of the 61 harmful VOCs including known carcinogens like benzene and naphthalene. This exposure puts sleepers and families at risk for a variety of unanticipated health risks and reactions, especially to those who are particularly sensitive to chemical emissions.

We know this is information can be frightening, but we think it is important to educate our community. Now more than ever, we are even more honored and excited to partner with OMI and to offer our community safer and healthier mattress options. Here at TREE, we not only want to help you design a home that reflects you, but we want you to be confident with the furniture and decor you love.

August 25, 2020 — Cristiana Ventura